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Day 1 , depart USA 

Day,2  arrive tel aviv meet and assist and transfer to Tiberias or the north of the country for three nights 

Day 3 , boat ride across the Sea of Galilee , drive to Mt of beatitudes , Tabgha the site of multiplication , to Capernahum home town of Jesus during the public Ministery , after lunch drive to wadi Arbel authentic road from the time of Jesus , then to Yardynit ,river Jordan for pilgrimage to get baptismal optional practice and worship 

Day 4  drive through Cana to sephoris Roman province in the galilee were our Lord Jesus could have worked growing up in wisdom in Nazareth , to Nazareth village after lunch  drive to the precipitation hill overlooking at the valley of Meggido drive down to  visit Meggido 

Day 5  leaving the Galilee area early departure drive to Mt Carmel peak to visit Muhraka the site of Elijah's debate with the Baal priests , continue to cesarea by the sea a port city built by Herod the great were Paul was prisoner for two years and were Peter baptized the centurion and then to Bethlehem and shepherded fields  over night in Bethlehem or Jerusalem 

Day 6. Drive to Mt of olives to the look out over the holy city afterwards experience the walk of Palm Sunday road to the garden of gethsemane drive up to Mt Zion to visit the upper room and the house of chaiphas  Ffter lunch drive to he new city to visit the Israeli museum were the Dead Sea scrolls at the shrine of the book and the model of the city of Jerusalem as it looked like during the time of Jesus

Day 7 , a day trip early drive to the famous fortress of Masada the lost strong hold of the Jewish rebels against the Romans , then to Qumran where the Dead Sea scrolls were found  , then to Jericho to visit the oldest urban settlement in the world , view Mt of temptation and then drive to the Dead Sea beach for a short experience of floating on the waters of the Dead Sea before returning back to Jerusalem for overnight 

Day 8,  enter the old city of Jerusalem to visit the western wall and the Temple Mount walk to the pool of Bethesda experience part of the way of the cross in the old city quarters  after lunch a final visit and prayer service at the garden tomb 

Day 9 drive to tel aviv airport for departure  

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