1) Take a PCR test BEFORE departure: in the 72 hours before the flight to Israel. You must present an official document with the negative test result and your passport number.


2) From 9.3.2022 - a health insurance policy with coverage for the treatment of COVID-19 is required.


3) Fill out the entry statement form in the 48 hours before the flight or arrival at an Israeli border crossing, and as early as possible.




4) PCR test at the airport Taken at the airport. You will be required to isolate until the negative test result is out. Usually, it takes less than 24 hours to be received.


IF INCLUDED: Jordan Land Border Crossing Rules & Guidelines:

Jordan has opened its land borders with Israel for tourism. For those traveling between Israel and Jordan via the Yitzhak Rabin, Allenby, or Jordan River land border crossings, the following sets of rules and regulations apply:


From March 1, 2022, no PCR test will be required to enter Jordan from Israel.

Travelers will still be required to fill in the declaration form to enter Jordan, a day before the crossing:


Travelers are also required to fill out Israel entry form a day before crossing back to Israel. (same document filled upon arrival to Israel)


BEFORE DEPARTURE FROM ISRAEL: You will be required to take PCR test / professional Antigen test up to 24 hours before your departure flight.


Note: all regulations are subjected to change at any time. All members must follow any changes that might occur without further notice.